Gone Digital


No, the title of our post isn’t our phrase for going crazy! Though with the time of year we are currently at, a teacher could see how that would be easily achieved.

We wanted to let everyone know that you can now purchase our book digitally through the Amazon Kindle. I know both Troy and I have been asked about this, so it felt appropriate to let individuals know it is now available.

On another note, Jeremy will be presenting August 19th at the Stevenson Center located at Muskegon Community College. It is a one day conference titled “Learning at the Lakeshore“. Jeremy’s session will be on how he presents argument writing to his 8th graders. This session is based on Chapter 5 in Create, Connect, Compose.

There is a possibility of a 3 hour workshop being conducted by Jeremy (possibly Troy too) at the Zeeland Education and Teacher’s Academy August 11 & 12. More information will be made when available so keep  checking back.

As mentioned in our last post, if you are interested in doing a week long Digital learning institute around the book, join us on the campus of Central Michigan University July 20-25. It will be a great experience for all that attend. You can find out more information about the institute and where to sign-up here.

We are always happy to address any questions you may have from the book. If you want to ask about something, just let us know through the blog or by contacting us on Twitter. @hickstro and @jeremybballer.



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